i am One . . .


 who is WHO God says I am!

I can DO what God says I can do!

I HAVE what God says I have!


I am complete

in Christ!

       Hope Children's Home                         Homa Bay, Kenya



We have partnered with Hope Children's Home in Homa Bay, Kenya.


Hope Children's Home is an Orphanage run by Pastor's Joseph and Brenda Olloo and Bishop Nashon.  


They are currently housing and supporting 36 children (orphans) ranging from the age of 2 to 16 years old.  There are 24 boys and 12 girls.  


Hope Children's Home is registered with the Republic of Kenya.



We invite you to join us in supporting our Children in providing shelter, food, clothing, education tuition, water, electricty, daily needs and the Hope of Jesus Christ

          Click the button below                      to give directly to                     Hope Children's Home.

            Once you click the button above                          you will need to click "send"                                 on the PayPal page                                              then enter                                                HopeChildrensHome2017@gmail.com

Pastor Joseph and Sister Brenda Olloo

Founder, Bishop Nashon Olloo

Our Children are such a Blessing!

Ephesians 1:3

Blessed be the God and Father of our

Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us

in Chirst with every spiritual blessing

in the Heavenly places.

We thank God for our God-given Kenyan family! 

Meet Eugene, Javan, Bradox, Sister Oloo, Sam and David

We Love our Children so very much!

Psalm 127:3

Behold, children are a heritage of the Lord . . . 




    Below are some needs we have.

Greetings to you from Hope Children's Home!


Receive all the Love from your children here. All prayers are going up now. We want to thank you for your Love and support. 


Thank you that you are a huge blessing to us and the community of Hope Children's Orphanage. 


Please find below a list of current pressing needs for our children:


$850  -  Food per month (3 meals a day) 


$1,200  -  Beds and Bedding (mattresses) 


$500  -  Medical care (treatment of jiggers, malaria, typhoid and skin diseases) 


$1,200  -  School fees (for two high school children) 


$200  -  Personal need items (hygiene, lotion, soap, toothpaste, sanitary items) 


$80  -  Electrical monthly bill 


$50  -  Water monthly bill 


I have not put the cost of clothes and shoes. We can always approximate and use something like $300 to $400 to get them good shoes and clothing.


Blessings and love from Hope Children's Home!


Yours sincerely, 
Pastor Joseph and Brenda Olloo

We are currently buillding a Boy's Home and need your help in the completion!  


Would you prayerfully consider partnering with us to complete this construction?


We have completed the foundatiion, walls and roof.


The new home will include bedrooms, a large bathroom, dining area, study area, marble flooring with running tap water and electricity.


We are in need of electrical supplies, plumbing supplies, plaster, paint and flooring.




This tin shed with dirt floors is what our boys currently live in.



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