i am One . . .


 who is WHO God says I am!

I can DO what God says I can do!

I HAVE what God says I have!


I am complete

in Christ!


I am one. The phrase is empowering and daunting at the same time. We ponder the possibilities that would occur if the capacity of the Holy Spirit within us were reached.


It is unnerving to think that we are One and have the power, and the authority, to
work for Jesus and accomplish His miraculous tasks. We read the stories in the
Bible, Moses parting the Red Sea, Noah building an Arc in the middle of the
desert, and Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead. 


Just as all of those are miracles, my Aunt Wanda speaks truth and life and light into
others' lives consistently, raising people out of the darkness that consumes
their life.


She is the encourager, the confidante, and she is one. One that can change the
world for Jesus. One that can move mountains and One that can use the Spirit
to reach those that are lost, broken, and abandoned. She always states,
"You are one and that is enough". Though not through her own power
does she do these things, but through Christ and Christ alone. 


The entity that makes her such a powerful warrior for Christ is that she knows that
it is not through her that healing will be found. It is not through her that
light will once again shine in another's life, but ONLY in Christ. Aunt Wanda
is a messenger, a soldier, and a learner of Christ and His ways.


Aunt Wanda has touched my life in many ways, always positively influencing my life and my walk and relationship with Christ.


Whenever I was raising funds to go to Africa on a missions' trip, we met up so that she could give me her tithe towards my trip. Deadlines were closing in; I was
starting to doubt that God really wanted me to go on this trip because I
couldn't raise enough money. As I was on the verge of tears telling her that I
may not be able to go because of the lack of money, she grabbed me by the
shoulders and said, "Ashleigh, do you feel that God is leading to Africa?
Put away your doubts of funds and listen to Him. Is He telling you to go to
Africa?" When I replied yes, she simply replied, "God will provide."  


That was enough. The spirit of doubt and shortcomings were broken. I was going to Africa because God was sending me there, and He would provide. And I DID go to Africa and spread the Good News.


Recently one of Aunt Wanda's posts on Facebook stated that we should cast away
trepidation and receive redemption. It is in those times of trial and tribulation that we 
should cast away trepidation with a Holy and fierce determination, and receive


Aunt Wanda is an amazing woman and is constantly and purposefully positive in every situation in life. I love her so much and I know that God is using her mightily. She is obedient to His Word and Spirit and is always searching and
seeking His will.







Thank you so much for how you have spoken so powerfully into my life through i am One. You have helped change my perspective on the power of my words, and the effect they can have on my mind, body, and soul. God has used you in such POWERFUL ways in my life to encourage, uplift and grow me in Him. Thank you for being such an incredible example of what a woman after God’s own heart is - and inspiring me to be the same.





Wanda Eastwood is an amazing young woman. She lives the
Christian life – mind, body and spirit. 
i am One is a reflection of Wanda's life. Her inspiration, motivation, and determination is inspiring. I have started putting this practice of "I am One" into my life and it is making a
 difference. I am proud to have Wanda as my friend. She is an awesome woman!


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